PetED is an educational resource  for veterinary practices. PetED  can provide qualified trainers in a variety of topics; dentistry, anesthesia, pain management, nutrition, emergency and critical care, and even human resources. We offer in-house hands-on training and state of the continuing education on topics you choose… right in your hospital. Contact us today for information on how to schedule a PetED visit.

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PetED is also a resource of tools for practices.  We have created a dental education video series for the pet owner. We understand that there is not enough time to teach your clients everything they need to know about this service within the confines of a 20 minute office visit experience.

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“The PetED educational videos have taken the animal’s emotional health into as much consideration as its medical needs while continuing to build a strong bond between the owner and pet.  BRAVO! PetED!” ~ Julie Shaw, KPA-CTP, RVT, VTS (Behavior)