by Vickie Byard, CVT, TS (Dentistry)


It is now about 4 days after ABC 20/20:  True Confessions segment on “Is Your Veterinarian Being Honest with You?” aired.  I worked clinically this week and not one client even brought up the program.  I admitted most of the patients personally and was ready to respond.  My concerns heightened when I realized that 3 or the 5 dentistries scheduled were for pets that had professional dental cleanings a year ago.  I knew the clients valued idea of a shorter anesthetic experience, maintaining dental health and lower procedural cost when they scheduled the appointment.  Would they have changed their minds?  Would they feel differently about our practice? Would they feel they were armed with new information?  Would they no longer trust me?

Reality:  Not one of our clients mentioned the show.  Not one client has canceled a procedure saying that they’ve reconsidered.  When I wonder why, I am left with two possible assumptions:

1.  All of our clients lost cable reception exactly during the time the show aired, or

2.  our practice had gained the trust of our clients more than 20/20 had.

My gut is telling me that we have established greater trust.  So, I am curious.  How has it been for all of you in practice?

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