“Your training and the videos were a huge help and have set us up for great success!  We revamped our entire approach to dentals and that profit center has exploded.  Thank you!”

-Dr Don Kalt

Medical Director, Noah’s Animal Hospitals

9 veterinary practice across the Greater Indianoplis Area

“We had Vickie Byard of PetED come to our hospital to provide dentistry training for the entire staff. This was so much easier than trying to find outside CE seminars that would cover everything that PetED did and our entire staff received the same training! It was so valuable for all of our technicians and doctors to participate in the same training sessions. Our front office staff was also able to join us for a lunch ‘n learn so that they too can promote dentistry at our hospital. We all learned so much and we now have a  common, renewed focus on dentistry.”

~Connie Passmore, Hospital Administrator
Centre Animal Hospital
State College, PA


“Vickie Byard,

You ignited the dental fire @ AAH!  I am very thankful that we were able to team up with you yesterday.  Your presentation was excellent, both the wet lab and the lunch and learn.  I am busily trying to incorporate your suggestions into our dental program before they are forgotten.The hands-on experience you gave the Drs and technicians regarding radiography techniques and nerve blocks I believe was firmly implanted.

Vickie, you made a profound impression on the staff at the lunch and learn.  I should like to compare you to Johnny Appleseed.Now my job is to make sure those seeds grow, flower and bear fruit!”

Dr G
Adirondack Animal Hospital
Glen Falls, NY

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