PetED Veterinary Education and Training Resources wants to provide tools that will help your practice either grow or take you to the next level in standard of care. Many of these tools were created out of discussions from our trainers with the practices that have invited us to work with them. Maybe one or more of these tools will help you meet your immediate needs:


PetED Anesthesia Machine Checklist:
One of the fundamental skills and tasks that must be done at the start of the day in the Operating Room is to insure that the anesthesia machine is working properly.  Here is a checklist that we encourage you to print and laminate for FREE.  Punch a hole in the corner and ties this to each anesthesia machine within the practice.

Download Here:  PetED Anesthesia Machine Checklist


PetED Endotracheal Tube Cuff Inflation Test
Tracheal tears are a possible complication from over-inflation of the endotracheal tube cuff.  This document can be downloaded as a training resource to ensure all team members understand the proper way to inflate the endotracheal tube without exerting any more pressure than needed. FREE

Download Here:  PetED Endotracheal Tube Cuff Inflation Test


PetED Anesthesia Chart:
It is easiest to catch anesthetic problems when you are required to record the vital statistics every 5 minutes.  We designed this chart to help you do exactly that.  You may print as many of these charts as you need as often as you like for FREE.

Download Here:  PetED Anesthesia Monitoring Sheet


PetED Anesthetic Recovery Trends Card:
We understand that days get busy in a veterinary operating room.  To minimize patient complications, we designed this cage card so that you can keep track of the vital statistics experienced by your patients in recovery.  You may print as many of these cards as you need for FREE.

Download Here:  PetED Anesthesia Recovery Card


PetED Video Series Invitation:

If you have subscribed to the PetED Dentistry Client Education Video Series, we have created an invitation that you can print at your practice and hand to your clients when you offer them access to this important information. You may print as many invitations as needed for FREE.

PetED Video Series Invitation


The PetED Canine Intraoral Radiograph Demonstration Video:



The PetED Feline Intraoral Radiograph Demonstration Video

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