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VickieByardPetED was the vision of Vickie Byard.  Vickie’s special interest, training and extensive experience is related to veterinary dentistry. Her experience led to requests for in-house dentistry training.  It then became evident that dentistry was not the only topic with which practices were struggling.  Some weren’t comfortable recommending grade 1 dental procedures because of the risk of anesthesia. Therefore the practice did not benefit from the income and reduced stress but most importantly the patients weren’t benefiting from this preventive care.

Some practices shared that with the increased availability of 24 hour emergency practices, their emergency skills had atrophied and they found themselves not keeping up with the most recent changes in critical care protocols.

There were practices that shared that with the convenience of outside clinical pathology laboratories, their staff were no longer comfortable reading stat urinalysis, cytology and differential samples.

PetED provides training so that your practice can realize its vision. At PetED Veterinary Education and Training Resources, we recognize that its hard to envision doing things differently in practice when you are already under a mountain of obligations and have limited resources.

  • Are you fulfilling your practice’s mission statement?
  • Who is providing dentistry/anesthesia/nutritional counselling/exotics care/emergency and critical care services? Do they have the appropriate training?
  • How are your profit center performing, compared to national statistics?
  • What are your barriers?
    • Staff training
    • Equipment needs
    • Staff scheduling
    • Communication
    • Costs
  • Would you like to develop an ability to see exotics and pocket pets but you do not know where to begin?

PetED understands that by putting the right trainer in your practice, solutions are able to be tailored to your practice.  If any of these questions sound true for you and you would like to discuss some training solutions, please contact us at: (215) 990-1769


“I do not believe that every veterinary practice should be mirror images of one another. Each has its own philosophy, culture and heart. However, I do believe that we are all in this for the same reason; to provide extraordinary care to those that cannot care for themselves.”—Vickie Byard, CVT, VTS (Dentistry), President of PetED

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