Good morning my 1,175 Facebook and 3,585 PetED friends out there. 

Those of you that know me, recall that years ago, I used to post an inspirational thought daily, replete with a beautiful image found on the internet.   At some point, one person…yes, as I recall it was one person… criticized this practice.  Despite the thousands of thumbs up I received; my bruised ego made me crawl into a Facebook hole. I still read posts daily and make comments here and there, but I stopped the exercise that warmed my Soul a few hours before I had to start my normal, run-of-the-mill day.

This morning, as I ground my espresso beans (yes, I can be pretentious), I felt moved deep in my heart as I haven’t felt in a long while.  Maybe it stirred from my own loneliness in this early, part-time isolation.  I am on my own with my three-legged, toothless, food sensitive feline, Margo (who isn’t holding up her end of any conversation, by the way). I felt the need to reconnect and plug in as I once had. So, I am back b****es!

Dame Margo of Horsham

Am I in total isolation? No.  For now, I go to work.  Those that know me, recall that I am celebrating my first anniversary working in a brand new, veterinary dental specialty practice with four of the most spectacular, eclectic and fun personalities.  I absolutely loved the practice at which I worked for 33 years but this position has been a pure joy in ways most unexpected. Further proof that the Universe works in Mysterious ways.

To date, the state and country views veterinary medicine as “life-sustaining”, so we leave the safety of our homes to be there when you NEED us (I am sure I will talk about that in a later post).

Working does provide a mental distraction from the total isolation to which others in many states are subjected. As a near 60-year-old (I will be looking for birthday high-fives on June 17th), I recognize the risk of venturing to work despite the efforts to minimize contact.  That means risk to my own health, the health of my co-workers, the health of those close to me, the health of a new practice not to mention the risk to the community at large.

But what moved me this morning that drove me to the keyboard?

A conversation I had with a close friend yesterday weighs heavy in my heart.  This person shared that the future today looks bleak and they don’t know what to say when people are frightened about their impending family, health or financial futures. My tendency, as a fixer, was to pop off a Pollyannaish response…and to be honest, maybe I did. Yeah, looking back, I am sure I did. I guess I am feeling bad that it may not have been the appropriate response.

I wish I had said, we all are experiencing discomfort.  We have grown quite accustomed to walking around knowing that tomorrow is going to look much like today.  We no longer are sitting in that complacency.

A dear friend of mine and best selling author, (inspirational video attached on current topic) Dr Joan Borysenko writes about the “liminal period” … a time of “no longer and not yet”.  That is where we are right now.  Our lives are probably about to look different than we expected and that raises anxiety. THAT IS NORMAL.  That is where I am and I acknowledge the feeling.

Though I am no student of history, I am deeply aware that human civilization has experienced huge challenges in the past.  What got us through was love and helping others where we can. Keep calm heads. Peek at the news for important information but don’t drown in it. Keep an eye on your neighbors. Most importantly, follow all the precautions recommended to keep you safe.  Distance as much as you can, wash your hands, stay completely away from the elderly or anyone living with chronic conditions.  Connect safely through the phone, social media, FaceTime, Skype, etc.  Keep as positive an attitude as you can muster knowing that it optimizes immunity. Take a walk in Nature and be mindful.

We will get through this even though we may no longer have run-of-the-mill days for a while.

Know that I love you all.  See you tomorrow!

Hand to heart!

Vickie Byard, CVT, VTS (Dentistry), CVJ