PetED Veterinary Dentistry
Owner Education Video Series


We understand how difficult it is to provide enough dental education for your clients in the time allotted during a typical office visit.  PetED created a series of 5 videos you can provide for your clients.  


Watch this video for more information:


This video series is available by subscription.  In time, for less than the revenue generated by one big dentistry, a subscription will enable you to:

  • stop giving dental discounts to encourage care.
  • provide a consistent message to your pet owners.
  • promote wellness dentistries.
  • reduce staff stress experienced during long dentistries caused by unintentional client neglect.
  • reduce time devoted to client dental education.
  • increase the dental profit center revenue

The way this program is designed, you can REWARD your clients with a 10% discount once they have become an educated owner.


“The PetED educational videos have taken the animal’s emotional health into as much consideration as its medical needs while continuing to build a strong bond between the owner and pet.  BRAVO! PetED!” ~ Julie Shaw, KPA-CTP, RVT, VTS (Behavior)


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