By Vickie Byard, CVT, VTS (Dentistry), CVJ

I would like to reflect on Christmas.  I know many of us do not celebrate Christmas because it is not a story from our own personal tradition. None-the-less, tomorrow is that day that many do celebrate the birth of Jesus.  No matter what your belief system or what religion you follow, it can’t hurt to contemplate the story of Christmas.


First there is the topic of a miracle.  A virgin is told that she was going to give birth to a child.  In her mind this was impossible, but in time, she did become pregnant as foretold.  This part of the story reminds me that there are things that I do not know and to be open and available to Mystery.

Many say Christmas is for children.  I believe that is said because that is where many families focus their attention because of the awe infused into children on Christmas morning.  They walk into a room of twinkling lights and a tree under which there are wrapped boxes, each with an unknown treasure contained within.  If you close your eyes for a few minutes, I bet you can travel back to what that felt like for you as a child. But, mystery is similar.  If we are open and inquisitive, every moment is a wrapped package with endless possibilities.

And the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated because he was a sage that taught unconditional love, charity and service. This world is in desperate need of individual reflection and Christmas can serve as a reminder to center into the messages contained within the story.

Peace, Shalom, Santi, Salaamata, Paz and Pyeonghwa