A dream coming true!  When PetED was first conceived, I had envisioned that it would become the source for practices to find the trainers they need to help their team take their existing talents to the next level.

As a dentistry trainer, I am frequently invited into a practice with the hopes of their team learning dentistry skills that they can employ to better help their patients and clients.  One of the biggest joys for me personally, is to return to a practice to take that department up the next notch! I have had the incredible experience of watching standards-of-care change and dentistry departments move from dabbling to thriving.  I also have witnessed staff discomfort abating due to reduced stress and a greater sense of purpose, empowerment and cooperation.

However, the dream was much broader that that.  I felt that if this can be done in regards to dentistry, it can be done with most any subject.  I imagined general practices revisiting their anesthesia practices and protocols with a respected anesthesia trainer. I pictured clinics honing their emergency techniques and training.  I imagined a PetED trainer going to a practice that needs to be shown tools to deal with compassion fatigue. So, through networking and meeting the bright and shining veterinary educators at the myriad of conferences I must attend, I met and involved the best of the best.

From now on, I will not be the only trainer posting educational pieces on the PetED blog. I am proud to announce that Bradley Phifer is one of the PetED trainers and he has volunteered to be the first.  It is my pleasure to introduce Bradley Phifer CBCC-KA CPDT-KA.