By Vickie Byard, CVT, VTS (Dentistry)

I just got back last night from a whirl wind tour of three veterinary practices for dentistry training.  In the early morning, I reunited and provided some dentistry training with the fun staff of the Animal Care Center in Danville, PA.  I first met this team in 2009 and it was so wonderful to see how they have grown and how they are planning for even more growth.

From there I traveled to Lewisburg, PA to meet the incredible staff at the Animal Care Hospital.  Their names are similar but they actually are not related.  The one thing though that is so nice is that despite the fact that I have never met these people, veterinary personnel are essentially the same.  We are all like-minded individuals with identical goals.

I then drove to State College, and the next morning, I reunited with another lovely practice; Centre Animal Hospital.  We honed some intraoral radiology skills, discussed instrumentation, equipment maintenance and discussed how veterinary medicine has changed in the four years since I last trained with them and how we all have to adjust accordingly.

I must confess; this is my favorite activity of all.  Meeting whole-hearted people, and helping them realize goals they hope to meet in relation to dentistry within their practices is a joy.

So…I promised them all I would post another case demonstrating mild pathology but a surprise radiograph.  Here goes:

Gingivitis muppet

and the resultant radiograph.

Muppet LLPM3

Again, this was an internal resorptive lesion.  This radiograph allowed our team to identify an extraction that you would otherwise be unaware of.

So, my promise has been kept and I will leave you with this image:

Vickie Byard Duckling Kisses

I got to kiss this little duckling on Wednesday.  Geez, oh pease!  I love my job!